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Hey does anyone else remember that one time in the year 2000 on December 13th when that one president-elect named Al Gore conceded after that one Conservative Supreme Court did that one thing where they inexplicably reversed a state court decision to recount Florida's votes and instead handed the presidency to George W. Bush? Remember that? That time when a stolen presidential election was legitimate and should’ve caused a people’s uprising the likes of which this country hadn’t seen since the American Revolution, but didn’t? Like, people just kind of complained about it. And then the climate crisis accelerated and the infrastructure crumbled and the economy crumbled and the wars were long and needless and the deficit raged and one political party eventually spouted its divisive rhetoric often enough that it unleashed a pro-business monster who did more harm to this country in four years than the entirety of all of his predecessors?

Huh. Yeah, that was a wacky time for sure.

4 months ago
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